Need Help With Your POS System?

we provide on-demand tech, menu, & marketing support for restaurants and food brands.

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Need Help with your

POS System?

we provide tech, menu, and marketing support for restaurants and food brands.

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What We Do

Tech Support

We help restaurants take care of a wide range of technical needs including troubleshooting issues with software/ hardware of the restaurant.


Menu Support

We help restaurants develop their menus; creating and managing source of truth menu documents and deploying updates to several 3rd party and POS platforms.

Marketing Support

We provide website design, and create marketing campaigns in-store, on your website and on 3rd party platforms like DoorDash


of U.S. customers state that they order takeout or delivery at least once a week.


of consumers prefer to use a digital app to order food for off-premise dining


of restaurants are turning to technology—like online ordering, reservation and inventory apps

Unify Your Systems

Integration can be painful to deal with and implement, good thing is we have you covered. Let’s help you increase efficiency and maximize profit.

Enjoy Hitch-Free Operations With A Reliable Support System

Restaurant technology is essential to running a modern and efficient business. However, handling both customer satisfaction and restaurant technology can be a bit daunting, which is why we at Pretsl are committed to handling your restaurant technology so that you can focus on keeping your customers happy. We provide a wide array of technical support including POS, 3rd Party Integration, Menu Oversight, branding and Marketing.


We Use The Best Tools Available

Don’t have experience synchronizing your menu inventory with your online ordering system or have a hard time picking the best POS systems? No need to worry because we are up to date with some of the best online ordering software, order aggregation tablets, POS systems and restaurant software available.

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Build Well Optimized Menus that Boost Revenue

Menu optimization has the potential to increase your profit by 12%. We help you build the best menu to showcase your bestselling products by making menu recommendations to optimize ticket spend, ensuring that your menu has the best graphic designs for both in-store dining and takeout, and making menu edits on POS Systems, 3rd party platforms, and online channels.





of restaurants update their menu on a monthly basis.


Increase in restaurants' sales is realized after adding menu photos

Your Menu Matters

Unlock the full potential of your restaurant today.

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