Digital Services

From Online Reputation to Operational Support.

Website Development

We design modern and intuitive websites for our clients with all ranges of needs. This often times include the integration of a payment platform. We also manage your menu online on your website and on any other platform you have your inventory listed, like DOor Dash, Grub Hub etc.

Graphics & Promotions

From designing paper menu’s to digital menu’s, we help out with a wide range of graphic needs. We understand the effect promotions and gift cards have on sales on a food retailer which is why we don’t just run the campaigns for the food retailer but design all relevant materials needed for the campaigns.

Social Media & Photos

One of our important strategies for success include an active social strategy, particularly on Facebook & Instagram. We’ll capture the best views of your food retailer from your business hours to help represent your brand online as aesthetically visual as possible.

Online Reputation

According to Review trackers, 33% of customers who received a reply to their bad review in 24 hours increased the review they left of the food outlet. Pretsl is your 24 hours response team, responding to all negative reviews to protect the online reputation of the food retailer and also getting authentic reviews to your business on Yelp, google and TripAdvisor.

Operations Support

According to Toast POS, food retailers have an employee turnover rate of 73%, which is the highest of any industry in the US. That is why Pretsl is here to help you find quality and experienced hires to keep your business running. We also provide employee onboarding packages including Employee Handbooks and training packages.  

Benefits of Working With Us

We’re basically your all in one online support team.  


Affordable Pricing


No Fixed Contracts (cancel anytime)


Leverage already built resources

We’re here to make everything easy for you

Why have different people manage your designs, social, hiring et all, when you can have one person help you with all that? At Pretsl, we’re familiar with all the platforms you need to be active on as a food retailer, that’s why we help our clients manage all their online marketing and communications. That way you can worry about figuring out the kinks with your new food retail business and becoming successful.

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