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Tech, Menu & Marketing Support for Your Restaurant & Food Brand.

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Our service list is like a buffet, you pick and choose the individual services you would like to include in your service plan/ project.

Tech Support

 Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues (relating to POS, 3rd party platforms, website, printers, menu boards, and kiosks) and coordinating with 3rd party service providers to resolve issues

 Leading onboarding and installation of new technology platforms such as POS systems, order aggregators, menu board solutions, etc

➤ Configuring, implementing, and integrating newer modules of the software to the existing technology ecosystem of the restaurant

Project management of IT projects with other technology vendors

➤ Managing key technological assets such as passwords and user access to software, hardware inventory etc

Configuring and managing business emails for the restaurant

 Making updates/ edits to the restaurant’s website

Menu Support

 Making menu edits on POS systems, 3rd party platforms, and online channels

Optimizing restaurant menus and making recommendations to make menus more user friendly

 Designing menu graphics for in-store and takeout

➤ Organizing food & menu photoshoots

➤ Ensuring menus are consistent and all fields are populated across different channels

➤ Creating menu engineering worksheets to help the restaurant correctly place and position items on all menus upon request

➤Negotiating better commission rates on 3rd party apps such as DoorDash for multi-location restaurants w 4+ locations

Marketing Support

➤ Running PPC (pay per click) ads on 3rd Party Platforms like DoorDash.

➤ Building in-store and online promotional campaigns and configuring discounts/ coupons on the different systems used by the restaurant

➤ Text Message Campaigns and Email Campaigns

Why Work With Us?

We help maximize revenue and streamline operations. We provide:


Flexible servicing model for each service partner that allows us fill roles not already filled and enhance the effectiveness of existing talent on your team


Cost effective pricing and servicing models


Knowledgeable and experienced support team with vast experience in restaurant technologies

We’re here to make everything easy for you

At Pretsl, we have already built processes that can make your operations so much more seamless. Not only do we have processes in place to ensure you’re being efficient & cost-effective with the digital, menu & technical areas of your business, we also carry you along and allow you keep track of our progress status for each project we are working on for your brand using the plethora of technical and digital assets we’ve built into our servicing model.

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