Affordable Digital (IT, Menu & Marketing) Services

Relax, we’ll find the right fit for your restaurant. Our team is always available to take care of your tech support, menu & marketing needs.

Value Plans

Great Deals

Ideal for growing restaurants looking for support with menus & technology.

Turbo Plans

Great Deals

Perfect for multi-location restaurants looking for full optimization of their menus and technology. With our turbo plans, you’ll get onsite support and have someone dedicated to the support of your restaurant.

*The Pretsl Portal is a dashboard that gives you access to all your IT resources (passwords for all software, editable folders and files for your restaurant, access to live menu documents etc)
*Travel time to your restaurant premises for support are logged as 1 hr per trip
*Design time for graphics made for your restaurant is logged as 1.5 hours per page for graphics design (additional hours may be logged for gathering info, making revisions etc)
*On-site support is available with our Turbo plans only. Depending on availability we may offer on-site support to clients on our value plans

We Support Your Existing Team

We’ll help your marketing and technology team achieve the best of their day by helping make sure your technologies are monitored and the right data is delivered to you and your team members to make the best decisions for your restaurant.


Website (only for Turbo Clients)

Starting at

Hourly Rates

Starting at

Graphic Designs

$100 for 1 pg graphic

$80 for additional pages

24 hours delivery +25/hr

48 hours delivery +15/hr

Prepaid Hourly Bundles

Engage Your Customers

At Pretsl we understand the challenges restaurants face in growing and becoming successful. Being a successful restaurants goes beyond serving good food, but by also serving great experiences, which is why at Pretsl, we leverage your online technologies, to help keep your customers hooked on those great experiences we help you serve.

Answers to Your Questions

Are we tied to a contract with Pretsl?

Absolutely not. Though we are seeking long term restaurant partners, we do not tie restaurants in any way to a contract. You re free to cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

How do we communicate with Pretsl?

We have streamlined a detailed process that makes it convenient for both the restaurant owners/ managers to easily get in touch with our team members. This includes an online chat managed during our business hours and a mobile group that allows restaurant owners to quickly get in touch with us.